​Will IVG’s new pod system help you switch to vaping from harmful smoking?

Preston, United Kingdom, 07 August 2019

E-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than tobacco, estimates landmark review by Public Health England, as a result IVG (I Vape Great) have took it upon themselves to help the billions of smokers world wide by releasing a simple yet revolutionary new e-cigarette called a Pod System.

IVG a worldwide brand that serves it’s products in over 70 countries has designed their device to be easy to use, the e-cigarette comes with pre-filled pods that are extremely easy to change has been created to aid people in switching from smoking to vaping so, that they can lead a better lifestyle.

 “We believe in owning and controlling the primary technologies behind the products we make and focus on niche development that are important and meaningful” said IVG’s CEO, Ahsan Bawa “We looked at the global market and we found a gap in the market such as a longer lasting battery life and bigger 2ml pre filled pods so, customers never have to worry about having a craving because their battery has died or the pre filled liquid finishes too quickly”.


An elixir of soft tropical mango fruit with pleasant citric notes


Sicilian style cool lemonade, infused with mixed summer berries


Mouth-watering fresh blueberries and raspberries treat, with a subtle slush effect


A smooth blend of traditional, fine cut, rich American tobacco

What We Thought

Knowing that the device is designed to help people make the switch from smoking to vaping, we tried the device for ourselves, what we found is that it was not only easy to use but it also lived up to expectations, which is exactly why IVG’s latest product has already been receiving accolades by winning the ACQ5 “International – Innovative Company of The Year” award

Features we noticed about the device when we tried it;

  • Stopped cravings
  • Discrete
  • Long-lasting Battery 
  • Child Proof Lock
  • Didn’t leak
  • Easy to use & switch flavours

Our favourite thing about the device was definitely being able to change flavours so quickly,
all we had to do was insert the pod into the device and wait one minute to start vaping again,

In UK stores now and hitting rest of the world in September, the closed pod system comes in 5 different colours & you can choose from 4 different salt nicotine flavours, which each have won their own awards in their respective vaping categories, so this is an award-winning device paired with award winning flavours.

So are you going to make the switch from smoking to vaping? Well, if you are, this device might just be for you!

More About IVG

Established in the United Kingdom, IVG has risen to dominance in the global vape market, winning over 22 international awards at various events and as a result, they have become one of the fastest-selling vaping brands in the world serving over 70 countries.

With offices in the UK, New York & Dubai, IVG has a large distribution network that ensures fast delivery of their in-house manufactured products to over 70 countries across six continents ensuring that millions of people can enjoy their products.

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